Dream Team Quest

Let's Science Together!

Are you a member of a software team interested in upping your game with a bit of scientific rigor? Join us in learning how to optimize flow by measuring and systematically reducing your WTFs! We're pioneering new ground in bringing science to software development, and learning how to learn together as a community.

  1. Start with a Paper & Pencil process and a simple feedback loop. After you join, we'll send you a short email course on how to science your WTFs. Try it out, and see what you learn!
  2. As you start to see patterns and learn strategies to reduce your WTFs, we'll collaborate on building a dictionary and WTF knowledgebase. You'll get an invite to our Slack community where we'll start the discussions.
  3. In Q1 of 2020, we'll be releasing the MVP version of our Dream Learning Platform with automated data collection, realtime metrics, and more! We'll be piloting the new tools as a community, learning our way to awesome, and building whatever features we need.

Join us in becoming a Dream Team!

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